Illicit Drug and Contamination Testing

Airborne Biohazard Control

Peace of mind protection for your family and Investment

Airborne Biohazard Control specialists are Council-certified Indoor Environmentalist (CIE) testers who investigate air quality problems such as mould, VOCs, allergens, dampness, poor ventilation and sick building syndrome. 

Our Specialists:

• Excel at diagnosing, resolving and preven,ng common indoor air quality problems/ 

• Incorporate the full spectrum of contaminants which may include mould, bacteria, VOCs, carbon monoxide, radon, triggers to asthma, allergies and more. 

• Understand when, where and why mould and bacteria will grow. 

• Recognise the effects that mould and bacteria may have on health. 

• Assess indoor environments in a comprehensive manner. 

• Diagnose microbial problems and write plans for them to be resolved.

• Apply industry standards and guidelines. 

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